Kendo - It's a small world

The number of Kendo practitioners around the globe is dwarfed by many other martial arts. So it isn't surprising when we run into people we know at tournaments, or meet an old friend of a current dojo mate while traveling abroad.

But this is a strange instance...

I recently traveled home to Ireland for the first time in a few years. While there I came across two books, "Kendo" by Hiroshi Ozawa, and "Complete Kendo" by John J Donohue. The later of these two books gave me quite a shock when I reopened it.

Complete Kendo - John J. Donohue

Although there are only a few photographs in the book, almost all of them feature photos of New York City Kendo Club, there dojo where I now practice.

I had literally no idea at the time, when I first read this book, that I would end up moving to New York, and practicing with the people in the photos.

Practice at New York City Kendo Club

Practice at New York City Kendo Club in 2016

More photos

Practice at New York City Kendo Club

Reigi at New York City Kendo Club