Zen-Sankei International - Doryoku Affiliate Sponsor.

Hi there, you may have noticed I have done some redecorating of the blog recently. That's all thanks to my wonderful creative director Ms. Nori Kato. 

What you might not know is that I run this blog almost entirely off of my smartphone. My laptop broke over two years ago and I didn't see the need to replace it!

Affiliate Sponsorship

Anyway, you can see another recent addition to the blog on the right hand side of the posts. I'm very happy to announce that Zen Sankei International is now an official affiliate sponsorship partner for Doryoku.

You can check out their full line up at the online store (www.zen-sankei.com/onlineshop).

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Sankei who might not be so well known internationally are in fact one of the biggest suppliers here in Japan. They have a ton of local distributors here and a lot of my favorite stores carry their shinai. I have used a couple of their mid priced models (Sae, Ryu, Ryu-Oh and Zen) which have all been fantastic and durable. Though I think the Sae is a bit fragile and should be used with a lighter touch!

I'm very excited about the partnership, and  I hope to be able to bring you some more reviews of their equipment as Sankei continue to grow their brand internationally.

About Sankei and Zen-Sankei International

Sankei Co. Ltd was established in 1970 with head office and production factory located on the island of Kyushu Japan. Products range from Shinai, Bugo, Keiko Gi, Hakama, Tenugui, Tsuba, and more. Sankei Co. Ltd has about 300 wholesale stores in Japan and provides Shinai for a lot of the well known stores throughout Japan.
In the beginning of 2004, the shinai demand in Japan was close to 1 million units, and during that very year, Sankei sold 340,000 units covering one third of the total Shinai market in Japan. 
That's a lot of Shinai!

My good friend and dojo mate Cain Lee has been running the international business for Sankei since 2008 supplying equipment to U.K, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Oceania (Sankei Australia), America, and Latin America. 
Sankei International (a.k.a Sankei Australia in Australia) is the channel distributor of Sankei Co. Ltd which are the manufacturer of ZEN Kendo products in Japan.
We are the people behind the sales and marketing of ZEN products online, and the producer of the YouTube Kendo Videos.
Sankei International was founded by Cain Lee, who has been training Kendo for over 10 years and has dedicated the success of our distribution to sponsor major Kendo events around the world and promoting the character building of each individual through the way of the sword.
All international orders can be placed from our online shop (www.zen-sankei.com/onlineshop). When an order is placed online it is dispatched directly from Sankei Japan.
From ( http://www.zen-sankei.com/home/?page_id=2)