Kendo Stores of Tokyo - 4. Takeshima Budogu

Part four of the series, Kendo Stores of Tokyo

This time I'll be introducing Takeshima Budogu. We will be taking a quick step out of Tokyo into neighboring Kanagawa. 

Takeshima Budogu is located just across the Tama River south of Setagaya, one of Tokyo's suburban areas. They are growing in popularity owing to some great products and what seems like a great community feel.
It is a little bit out of the way, but, thanks to Tokyo and Japan in general's amazing transport system, it's only about a thirty minute trip from Shinjuku or Shibuya stations.

You can find their home page here and online store here.

The website is only in Japanese, but they will take orders from overseas, they are even supporting some national teams for this year's WKC with some small discounts.

They also hope to be one of the vendors with a stall inside the Budokan at this years World Kendo Championships. They will be accepting preorders before the event, and will be selling limited numbers of shinai and small items on the day. Since they are located in Tokyo, you will be able to order shinai one day and receive it the next from the stall. 

Takeshima's Bukotsu bogu series is endorsed by Takanabe Susumu.
Current World and All Japan 7th Dan Champion.


Takeshima have their own signature line of bogu, Bukotsu. This bogu features a unique futon with three rows of 3mm stitches separated by a 6mm stitch. This makes the futon flexible and ads a bit of additional padding. The men have short men-dare with naname-zashi (diagonal stitching) as standard.


Detail of stitching on the Futon. Note the 3x3 mm stitches and the 6 mm gap.

Detail of the Stitching pattern and naname-zashi on the men. 


The Kote have short kote-buton (the part covering the forearm) and a yoroi-gata style fist portion. There are options for deer leather and synthetic leather palms (in standard brown or black).

Type 3 kote, Made in Japan, deer skin palm

Type 3 kote, Made in Japan, deer skin palm

Type 3 kote, Made in Japan, Deer skin palm

Type 2 Kote with black synthetic leather palm

Type 2 Kote with black synthetic leather palm. 


An interesting feature is the use of naname-zashi on the sides of the tare Obi. from holding it in my hands, it feels very flexible. I imagine it makes for a snugger fit around your waist.

All of the Bukotsu tare feature this nanme-zashi on the tare

Takeshima also have three variations on the Tare itself.All three versions are surprisingly light.  Type 1 has full reinforcement, on the waist belt and O-dare (the parts covering the legs) you can see it in a photo below. Type 2 is lighter, but still has some reinforcement such as heri-gawa (leather trim on the edge of the O-dare.

Type 2 Tare with heri-gawa. (Trim leather)

Detail of heri-gawa and orizashi reinforcement. 

The third is Type 2 - Air. this tare is extra light weight and has no additional reinforcement. The edges are simply sewn shut with no heri-gawa. This style is very light and favored by shiai players.

Type 2-Air tare. No extra reinforcement or trim.

There is minimal reinforcement on the Air tare. A small piece on the edges. 

Bukotsu - Lineup

They currently have two versions of the bogu, Type 1 and Type 2 with slight differences in the quality. A third premium Made in Japan set will be coming out in April this year. 

The "Bukotsu" line up. From right toleft, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3.

Type 1 Slightly more sturdy construction, note the
additional reinforcement on the\Tare. 
Type 2 aimed a little bit more towards Shiai. 

Type 3 will be released in April 2015. This set is made with higher quality materials and is made in Japan.  This will be the premium bogu set in the series. 

Type 3 - Made in Japan. Coming soon

Bukotsu Type 3. Premium quality, and made in Japan.
Takeshima's Bukotsu bogu series is endorsed by Takanabe Susumu.
Current World and All Japan 7th Dan Champion.  


Takeshima Budogu carry a huge selection of shinai. Every type and style is catered for and they are available in most sizes, Ladies, Mens and Junior. Thick and thin grip, Dobari, Koto and Jissen-gata styles, smoked "bio"shinai, carbon and madake are available. 

The Great Wall of Shinai

Katsumori - A Smoked Jissen-gata style shinai. Used by Takenabe Susumu.

Dou and other Bogu

So pretty. 
Takeshima have a wide range of Yamato and plastic Dou available. I forgot to ask about Bamboo dou, but I'm sure they can arrange something.

They carry two other bogu lines. Standard; good quality regular 5 and 3 mm machine stitched bogu sets. Challenger; basic entry level bogu sets. They also have some hand stitched bogu but they are focused on pushing their signature Bukotsu bogu for now.

Standard, Challenger and Hand Stitched bogu sets.

Accessories, Bogu Bags etc. 

Looking for a new bogu or shinai bag, a new tsuba or tenugui to give to someone back home? Takeshima carry everything you would expect to find in a bogu shop. 

They have a great range of ultra light mesh bogu bags too. If you find yourself leaving your bogu in the bag after Keiko (as you park the car or go to the pub etc) these are perfect. The whole bag is made of a mesh net and let's air circulate around your bogu. 

It's not magic though. So all those stinky bogu folks will likely stink up the place! 

Super light and convenient Mesh bogu bags, No frills, just enough space for bogu. 

This might be more aimed at Japanese customers who can leave their bogu in the Dojo. I usually scrounge a plastic bag or stuff my Dou-gi into my briefcase when bringing then home to "wash". Having a convenient bag for the job would be a luxury, but hey, if you have the cash? Why not. 

Dou-Gi bag. Fits Kendo-gi and Hakama. 

Inside of Dou-gi bag. Separate compartments for Gi and Hakama. 

As you can see in the following pictures they have everything else you need. 

Zekken and other small accessories. 

Protectors and other Accessories. 

Bogu deodorizer and fire-tape.

Kendo-gi and Hakama

All though they don't have their own range of Gi and Hakama, they have a full line up of both available online. 


I hope that this gives you an idea of what to expect from your visit to Takeshima Budogu, or what they might have for sale at the World Championship in May. 

I had a great afternoon while down there and I really got the sense that they are serving the local community. 

Check below for opening hours and directions from Tokyo. 

Thanks for reading!

Store information and Directions.

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 - 19:00

Telephone 044-922-0937 

I have included maps and with directions from two of Tokyo's largest stations. And from Yokohama Station
Directions from Shibuya Station:


 Directions from Shinjuku Station.


Directions from Yokohama Station