Slow start to the Year of the Horse!

It has been a slow start to 2014 for me! I attended only my third practice of the year last night!
I'm carrying a bit of a foot injury and quite a belly after the holidays, but I will be back up and running soon enough! 
I'm currently reviewing a shinai for a friend at Zen-Sankei International. (The same chap responsible for all those police shiai videos!)
I'll post up the review after a few practices with it. In the mean time why don't you check out their home page .
Sankei are a popular equipment supplier in Japan. A lot of kendo stores carry their shinai. And I have used more than a few of them since I started practicing.
You can check out their impressively full range of shinai in both mens and ladies sizes simply by clicking this link.
That's all for now, I'll be taking a trip to a new dojo on Saturday and will write my first keiko report of the new year then.
Thank you for your support!