61st All Japan Kendo Championship - 3 days left!

The 61st All Japan Kendo Championship will be held in just 3 days time! Here's a little something to get you in the mood!!

Competitors and spectators from across Japan will gather in the Nihon Budokan on November 3rd for the 61st installment of the All Japans. I've been planning to go for a while, but now due to unfortunate personal circumstances, I am unable to attend. 

So instead I'll be following online via the excellent All Japan Kendo Federation streaming service available on u-stream. You will be able to watch two streams (one for each court) for the whole competition.

While watching I'll post a few updates on the facebook page and to twitter. You can follow the action with the links below!

In the mean time here are some ippon videos from last years 60th championships. All the videos are from the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei's (All Japan Kendo Federation) YouTube channel. 

First round ippon compilation.

Second round ippon compilation.

Third round ippon compilation 

Fourth round to Final ippon compilation.