Shogun Kendogu - Waffle-gi

In this post I will be reviewing the new Waffle-gi from Shogun Kendogu.
I was sent one of these gi recently by the guys at Shogun and asked to try it out, and I must say I am very pleased.
Waffle-gi from Shogun Kendogu. 

First impressions: upon taking the gi out of its bag I first noticed its lightness, this is one light kendo-gi! The fabric is soft and for a machine washable gi with a non aizome dye, the colour is very nice.

The Waffle-gi's colour looks great next to my cotton hakama.

Name Embroidery. 
It looks good on its own with the eye catching waffle pattern and matches up nicely to my aizome died cotton hakama.
Sewn into the area around the shoulders are small patches to help protect the kendogi from Dou string wear and tear.
The name embroidery is also excellent, the characters are large, easy to read and thick. It's the small details that make an impression sometimes, and it show that Shogun Kendogu put alot of effort into their equipment.

After using: I wore the gi last week at a Keiko Kai in Kamakura Budokan, it was a brutal 36 degrees out side and despite the fans it wasn't much cooler in the dojo. Despite this I felt good throughout the keiko, (which was my first since coming back from holiday) the  Waffle-gi felt light anf didnt stick to my skin during practice.
I wore it again last night when it was significantly cooler though still very hot and humid and wss again impressed  with how it felt during keiko.

Recommened for those looking for something a good looking comfortable and above all cool, kendo-gi for hot or humid weather. Or something light for shiai or long practices. 

Wear and tear from Dou himo is common in alot of peoples dogi. These small reinforcements will keep the gi going longer!

Shogun Kendou logo. 



  1. Just curious if it is really machine washable or must specifically be on gentle cycle. Although it says machine washable on their website when you click on the sizing and care instructions it says handwash only.

    1. Hi there,

      The Waffle-gi can be safely washed in the washing machine, and the protocol that John has outlined in his comment is spot on.

      The typo that you found on the link has been removed, thanks for pointing it out!


      Shogun Kendogu

  2. Hi, thank you for your comment!

    I usually wash my dogi inside out in my washing machine. I put them on a cold, gentle (hand wash) cycle. I normally put them in washing nets to keep them from getting damaged too and I don't use soap.

    You could do that with this keikogi and I think it would be fine. But that is just my opinion. Or you could hand wash in the tub or a bucket.

    If your buying one, it maybe be best to email the supplier and double check.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Thank you both. I'm going to place an order now. I just wanted to make sure and thought I would ask because Mr. Doherty reviewed it. I just asked because I have a summer gi from Mitsuboshi that I love but even after 50 washes it is strictly hand wash. My cotton hakama I hand wash but I've gotten a little bit lazy about hand washing much more that that.