Kendo Stores of Tokyo - 3. Shokodo

Part three of the series, Kendo Stores of Tokyo.

In this post I will be giving an introduction to Shokodo, a Kendo and martial arts equipment shop located right in the heart of Tokyo's Shibuya district.

If you are planning a visit to Japan, and more specifically Tokyo, then it is almost a given that you will come to Shibuya.

Known the world over for its giant pedestrian crossing where, surrounded by flashing TV screens and advertisements, literally hundreds of people cross the street every few minutes. This shopping district, transportation hub and entertainment area is a must for anyone coming to the land of the rising sun.

World famous "Scramble Crossing" at Shibuya Station.

The store.

Located right in the centre of the action is Shokodo (home page). A perfect place for someone looking to buy some equipment without going too far out of the way, or while the other half goes shopping. It's also ideal for anyone visiting or living in Tokyo looking for a shinai or protector in a hurry.

The store itself has two floors. With a massive selection of top quality shinai, bokuto and protectors on the ground floor. Uniforms, bogu and Iaido equipment can be found on the second floor.

I have personally never tried their bogu or uniforms, but I have bought a few shinai at Shokodo and the selection is staggering!

The main selection of shinai is really great, with a lot of top quality shinai from Sankei and some well know models too (Furinkazan, Sae, Bishamon among others.)
They have both ladies and men's shinai, and they come in the usually shapes and sizes. 

The two most popular are Ryu and Ryu-Oo both by Sankei. Ryu is a medium grip dobari shinai. While Ryu-Ok is a large grip jissen gata style shinai. I'm currently using the latter. 

Also popular is the well known Furinkazan. A shinai that was on my wishlist for so many years before finally purchasing one last year. A regular to medium grip smoked dobari shinai with a very light feel in the hands. 

Some people might recognise the Sae, also by Sankei. This is a great shinai; light, fast and with a nice dobari section. It's a lovely shinai for shiai use. I used them a few years back but I wasn't ready for them at the time and they wound up in bits before long.

The store manager also took a moment to show me Bishamon, a ludicrously well balanced shinai. Which despite is very straight koto shape, feels like a tooth pick. The grip is a little too big for my taste right now, but I'd love to try one out!


Selection of wooden weapons for use in Nihon Kendo Kata, Koryu etc.
Supporters and accesories for kendo and other martial arts.

Tezashi Bogu Set. 
Hand made bogu in a range of stitch widths. 

The bogu at Shokodo is mostly hand stitched with customisable sets in 1.5 bu, 2 bu, 2.5 bu etc. There are some machine stitched full sets and kote.

Shokodo also have a partnership with Phiten and sell their range of  shoaizome died keikogi and hakama.

Hand made bogu ranges in price from very expensive to just over €1000.

Store information and directions. 

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 12:00 - 19:00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 12:00 - 18:00

Telephone: 03-3463-0471

Shokodo's store is located up the hill in Shibuya's Dogenzaka district, its tucked away off the main street and might otherwise be missed, it's less than 10 minutes walk from Shibuya Station's Hachiko Gate.

If leaving by the Hachiko exit face towards the large Starbucks and Tsutaya store and head to the left up a large slopping street. Continue up Dogenzaka street untill you see a large yellow ramen shop on the right hand side, turn right here and head up the short hill, you will have to turn left at the top and Shokodo is a few shops down on your left hand side

Turn up this street. Hard to miss it!

Store front at Shokodo.

Treat you self to some hard earned Tonkotsu ramen at the yellow shop on the corner before or after you go kendo shopping!



  1. Thank you very much for sharing these visits to kendo stores John :) I'm living vicariously here, as it'll be a few years before I get back to Japan again.

    1. Thank you very much for the commment!
      I saw your recent post about waza on Renshinjuku, that's an excellent post! If I could make my posts as well as that is be a happy man!

      I receive a lot of emails asking about dojos and places to buy equipment. So I decided to make a few guides, Ill do my best to make them as informative as possible!

  2. Hi John
    I would be visiting Osaka and was wondering if you can recommend any good Kendo shops in Osaka?
    Your write ups on Kendo shops in Tokyo are excellent!

  3. Thanks for your post, I'm French, and a begginer in Kendo, but definitly going to take a look to one or two shop you recommand, maybe to buy my first bogu set...

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