Kendo Stores of Tokyo - 1. Eiko Budogu Ueno Branch

Part one of the series Kendo Stores in Tokyo.

This is the first in a series of blog posts I hope to do over the next month or so, in which I will introduce some of the bogu stores around Tokyo. Ill try get to some of them and take pictures and interview the staff in order to give a better idea of what each store has to offer.

I have been to most of the stores I will be introducing, at one time or another, and Ill try to go to as many as possible, in order to make this a useful guide for anyone looking to buy kendo equipment in Tokyo.

First up is one of my favorite and most visited stores, Eiko Budogu Ueno branch.

Easily accessed from the extremely convenient Yamanote line (the circle line that runs around Tokyo) this shop is great for people who are staying on the east side of Tokyo, you can also pop over to the popular tourist areas Ueno Park, and Ameyoko shopping area. Take the Kesei Skylinner from Narita to Ueno and make it your first stop in Tokyo!


The popular store Eiko Budogu has a small shop within walking distance from Ueno Station.

You can find their main page here and the online store. The online store is in Japanese, but they do ship overseas. There are some staff who can speak English at the main office.

Eiko make a popular set called "Tonbo" both hand stitched and machine stitched versions are available.

Tonbo bogu - Men line up - Machine stitched.

The store has a good selection of shinai in a range of prices, with men's, lady's and children's sizes available. They carry good quality kendo uniforms as well as shinai and bogu bags, tenugui, protectors and other accessories. You can choose the length and quality of your tsuka-gawa, and name embroidery on uniforms is free.

The store has a great selection of shinai in all sizes. This is the size 39 section. You can choose the length and type of handle (unless one is already fitted)
The staff were friendly and helpful, even back when I couldn't speak a word of Japanese. When I went to take the photos, the store staff claimed not to speak English, but are very friendly and will try their best to help you.

I've bought a number of shinai from this store since coming to Japan, both cheap and expensive, and have found them to be of good quality. They have a very cheap smoked shinai that costs around \3000 fully set up, its a decent shinai but I found it to be varying in quality between each shinai.

Tora-tetsu. This is the stores best sellign shinai. I used them for almost a year after moving here. they are lightly smoked,  and have a good balance, despite not having a large dobari. As with all cheaper shinai though, the quality can vary, I had some shinai last months, and others break quickly due to being brittle. For the price though, you really cant go wrong if your looking for a cheap shinai.
I have two keiko-gi from them also, one at the bottom of the range, at \6000 (around 50-60 euros/dollars) and another at the top of the range (a gift).
Both are great quality, but I found the cheaper one to be slightly large in the chest compared to other keikogi of the same size. It opens and looks a little sloppy during keiko.

The store is less than 5 minutes walk from Ueno Stations main exit (not the park side)

Ueno Station is best accessed by the JR Yamanote line, and Tokyo Metro Ginza line.

Directions and map:

Opening hours

Weekdays (Tuesday - Friday) 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
Weekends 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

CLOSED EVERY MONDAY as well as the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Contact information
TEL: 03-5812-2109


Tokyo-to, Taito-ku Higashi Ueno 3-16-3


Jissen Shinai - a thick grip shinai with a medium dobari. Store managers recommendation. ¥5700 with leather fittings. 

Tonbo bogu set - ¥ 69,000 this is the stores no.1 selling bogu. Its a machine stitched set made using deer skin and orizashi. The  bogu is stitched with a longer stitch than normal. The set is 8mm, with short mendare, the futon is quite thick throughout the set. 

Tonbo kote -  this is the kote from the Tonbo set. Costing around ¥15000 these kote are made with orizashi for the fist, wrist, and reinforcement sections, with a 8mm futon. A very nice set of kote for practice or shiai. 

Hishi-zashi kote - Diamond stitched kote - another top selling item. These kote have a diamond stitched futon, they are a very good set of kote for the price. 

Hishi-zashi kote -  a good set of kote for practice. With orizashi fist, wrist and reinforcement, and tombo leather reinforcement on the fist.  

And example of a hand stitched bogu set available from Eiko Budogu -  this set is 1.5 bu and has a beautiful Kiji Dou. ¥249,000 

A close up at the kiji dou, and the price tag. The individual prices are (clockwise from left) Men - 78750, Kote - 45150, Dou - 69300, Tare - 72450

Another example of a hand stitched bogu set. This set is 2 bu, costing ¥341,250

Close up and price tag. Men - 93,450 Kote - 57,750 Dou - 126,000 Tare -  92,400

Very popular summer item! Speaks for its self really! It's a water bottle! ¥1500

Wide selection of zekken available to order from the store. 

Tonbo fabric zekken! 

Good selection of nice Tsuba and Tsuba-dome

Kamon do stickers, ¥1500



  1. Hello John,
    My name is Michael, I'm a beginner Kenshi from Belgium. I will be in Tokyo in early december. For almost 8 days. I plan to visit the Eiko Budogu Ueno store, and buy some stuffs for my club. I'm interested by the Tonbo Bogu set... Do you think that I have time to buy one within one week?
    Thanks for your blog and the passion you communicate...
    best regards,

  2. Michael, thank you so much for the comment. I'm sorry it has taken so long to reply.

    I emailed the shop manager at Ueno about your question.

    They stock tonbo bogu in the store. So it may be possible to purchase a set there. If your are particularly tall they may not have you size in stock.

    It's probably best to go and have a look. I can go with you if you need assistance.

    Thanks again for the comment.