New Men!! Kanagawa Hakkodo A1 men.

For my birthday this year I bought my self a new men! I did a lot of research and asked around for opinions before making my choice. I finally settled on the men that a lot of my dojo mates both recommended and have various models of.

My men:

4mm machine stitched futon
Orizashi reinforcement.
Short mendare with a 2 cm diagonal cut.
Duralumin mengane
Cotton uchiwa
Price: ¥44500 (starts at ¥38000)

Kanagawa Hakkodo A1
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I went to the store in mid/late September and received my men just at the end of October.

I've used it 4 times and I'm honestly blown away! The first time I used it the uchiwa (ring around your face) was a little stiff around my chin but it fits much more comfortably now. Being made to my size it should be great once it really breaks in!

The mendare are unbelievable, I keep thinking they are just not there!! Compared to my other men it's like doing kendo with nothing on your head!!

The whole thing is very light, with a duralumin mengane. My other men is not "heavy" and has an IBB duralumin mengane to help with the balance, so I really dont mind the weight of it. But the feel of this new men is so much better, I think i'll have a hard time changing back to the old one for regular keiko!

So far, Im very happy, definalty worth the money!!!

A1 Men
Tsuki dare with Batsu (cross)

Top of men-buton. 4mm with orizashi
Mendare with naname zashi and diagonal cut
Inside of mendare, naname zashi and name tag
Uchiwa and mengane, its GREY!!
Inside of men 



  1. Replies
    1. Mateo! Sorry for the massive delay, lol!

      I have no idea why it is grey. One person suggested that it might be easier to see through.

  2. Question - why did you go for the cotton uchiwa? What were the other materials available and why did you choose cotton over them? Thanks!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment!

      I actually didn't have a choice for the uchiwa material!

      I have another men with a velvet uchiwa, and to be honest, I don't really notice a difference. My first men also had velvet, and it faded into an almost white colour!