Miso Curry Nabe - 味噌カレー鍋

Having seen a friends photo I decided to make my own and see how it turned out! I'm a big nabe fan and usually go for miso or kimchi flavor.

Miso Curry Nabe and steamed rice

For those that don't know Nabe (鍋) means pot in Japanese. Ingredients are added to an earthen pot and boiled until cooked. Usually the soup is based on miso or soy sauce but there are many variants! Nabe can be cooked on a table top gas burner and makes a really great family/friends dinner.

Miso Curry Nabe recipe: (you could also make a regular miso nabe by following this recipe)

Ideally you should use an earthen pot, but to be honest, you could use anything you like, so long as it has a lid!

1 x carrot, peeled and sliced
3 x Japanese cabbage leaf, washed and cut into 2cm wide strips
1 x half bunch of Japanese enokitake mushrooms
1 x half head of broccoli
1 x chicken breast (I would advise using chicken thigh, as the breast came out a bit tough. I had to use the chicken breast before it passed its date)

For the soup: (I didn't use dashi in this recipe! I genuinely forgot! I'm not sure it would be 100% necessary for a curry nabe, but for miso only, yes!)

2 cups water (or enough to come just below covering your ingredients)
2 table spoons of mirin
2 table spoons of cooking sake
1 teaspoon of dashi powder
1 table spoon of  miso paste
1 crushed block of Japanese curry roux (you can of course use curry powder)

First prepare all of your ingredients, I'm using the smaller of my nabe pots today so I will be cooking everything in two batches.

Chop the carrot and cabbage, remove the stem ends from the enokitake mushrooms and break into smaller bunches.
Chop the broccoli into smaller pieces.

Remove the skin from the chicken breast and cut into decent sized chunks

Add half of the ingredients to the nabe, begin by layering the bottom with some cabbage, next add the chicken, place the broccoli mushrooms and carrot on top of the chicken.

Add two cups of water, followed by the sake and mirin (at this point add the dashi!)

Cover with a lid and turn on the heat, once it begins to boil, lower the heat to keep it on a light rolling boil. Cook for around 10 minutes, checking every few minutes and removing and foam with a spoon or ladle.

Once the ingredients are cooked you can add your miso paste, take a spoonful, place it on a mesh spoon/lifter and lower it slightly into the liquid, stir gently until the paste has softened and mixed into the soup.

If you leave the nabe as it is now, you have your self a very delicious miso nabe, I wanted to try the combination of miso and curry, so I added one block of Japanese curry roux. Crush the block as much as you can before you add it, as the sometimes don't dissolve fully if you put them in whole. Use the same method as above to add the curry block.

Simmer on low heat for a few more minutes to make sure the miso and curry have both dissolved fully. Do not boil the miso!

Serve from the pot into bowls, try to keep some of the soup as you will be boiling the rest of the ingredients as you eat this. I usually eat my nabe with rice (because im a growing boy), but you dont have to, enjoy it with beer and friends if you can! If not, eat it all in a fit of gluttony!
TADA! My first of 4! This is about half of what I just made!!
This turned out quite good I think, I wasn't sure about the combination of miso and curry, but I think it worked, the curry gave it a kick (I used a spicy block) and the miso added richness to the soup! Had I used dashi the flavour would have probably been lost, but the chicken and vegetables may have had a nicer flavor.
I hope someone will try either this or just a plain miso nabe, and let me know the results!
Top Tip!
When you have cooked the rest of your ingredients, you can add some udon noodles or rice to the remaining soup and cook on low low heat, making sure not to boil off all the deliciousness, serve the hot soupy rice or noodles in small bowls! Its really tasty, and you can use up that bit of rice you have left over!
That's it! Simple tasty cooking!
I hope to do more cooking posts in the future, but I'm usually too busy to stop and take photos while I'm cooking!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment!