Busy busy

I haven't posted in a while!

I've been busy and haven't had much time for kendo. The few practices that I have been to have been mixed.

Ive swung between getting totally frustrated during kihon, holding back due to a sore foot, getting some waza just spot on and finding myself being more "aggressive" during keiko.

Taking breaks in kendo is extremely frustrating for me. I can't take it for more than a week, I feel like I'm letting it all slip away and I get restless from all the energy I'm not using!

When I get back it's either a case of everything has become uncoordinated, and I cant do certain cuts, or the rest actually did me good and I'm more relaxed/focused making me perform better overall for a few sessions.

During my most recent practice (last Tuesday) I felt extremely focused, I knew I'd be missing about a week of keiko so I gave it everything, even ignoring the pain in my foot. I found I was stepping back less and pushing forward with what felt like real intent. I created a some nice Debanna chances and scored a few as well.

I spoke to one Senpai after the class and he said basically what I've been thinking.

I'm on a kendo plateau, my kendo is transitioning. In this period I feel like Im pushing forward to see the opponents reaction only to be hit with debanna or degashira men, or, Im holding back pushing and trying to bring in the opponent for my own Debanna and bang, actually it was their seme!

It's frustrating. You have to push forward and be patient at the same time. Im finding it hard to strike a balance between the two, and keep getting caught doing too much of one and not enough of the other!

My Senpai basically said that this is ok and that I'm on the right track. Once I find that balance I will be over this plateau and on to the next challenge!!!