Breif post on some waza!

I practiced at IBM again last Saturday, Yamada san took us through a great kihon and waza practice.

All waza performed from tip to tip!

Attacking men 3 types:

Seme using the kensen

  • Step in on the right foot, lower the kensen, watch the opponent at attack men when he reacts to your seme. 
  • Step in with the right foot, raise the kensen towards the opponents men-gane, threatening towards their eyes, watch for the reaction and men
Its important not to raise your kensen as your striking men!

Seme using Osae (pressing down on the opponents sword)

  • Deep Osae. Step into your opponents centre, keeping pressure (pushing down, but not too hard) on the opponents Shinai, make sure you push your body from the hips right into the opponents Kamae. Cut men as you draw up the left foot. 
  • Omote-osae Ura-harai kote. Step in with the right foot, push down on the omote side of the opponents Shinai, if the opponent reacts by raising their Shinai to protect their men, drop your kensen and make Ura Harai as you draw up the left foot, dont just strike kote as soon as you make the harai, watch for the opening and strike. 
This was a great practice for me, I really enjoyed the kihon and waza practice, and thought I did quiet well in jigeiko. Some advice I was given
  • Cut with more power for kote-men
  • Kamae is good, wrists are becoming softer
  • Still not putting enough pressure on opponent, but improving
  • Attacking strongly, but should be more patient after stepping in to take the centre. Step in, hold, and attack Seme and tame!