As an Interac ALT October is the worst month of the year.

Interac pays you one month in arrears, meaning that you get paid for the work you do in August, at the end of September. So I get my lovely summer holiday pay this coming week. Its 60 % of my regular monthly pay, meaning that Ocotber is a time of relaxation for most English teachers.

Recently I have been doing ALOT of extra teaching for a different company, and I mean ALOT. This company pays you based on the online lesson reports you submit for each month. If you dont submit your report by the 15th, you dont get paid that month. I being a new employee, and someone who is up to his eyeballs in Japanese study, teaching, and kendo, did not submit a single work report this month, and will not be getting paid! Woe is me!

So October, the month of my glorious birth, will be indeed be a time of relaxation for poor John, and time of increased study and decreased Ramen consumption.

For anyone who may have searched for information on Interac's pay and wound up here.

Interacs summer pay is 60% of you regular monthly pay, for a Tokyo based ALT thats around 150000 yen (roughly €1500)