Kendo goals!

So the new school term has begun and with that I'm back to a more regular keiko schedule!

I'll be doing my best to make it to 5-6 practices a week depending on work and private lessons.

For now I'm practicing at Micho no Ko, Hikawa Budojo (with Hasanuma Sensei) and Meguro City gym. Of course im still visiting IBM and Yanai Sensei every second week and will hopefully be practicing at the junior high school near my work, and at Aoyama University in Shibuya too!

So I've got to get my self organized for a lot of keiko and give myself some thing's to work towards.

I shall make a list, YOSH!

  1. Footwork. I rarely practice this as a stand alone exercise, so my footwork is now terrible.
  2. Zanshin. Driving though the opponent like Tsuchiya Sensei said. Also making sure I'm ready to cut again when I turn.
  3. Chaining waza together. Too often I cut once and stop, my sempai will attack continuously until they take ippon.
  4. Hikitsuke. Snapping that left foot up.
  5. More power in the left leg when kicking off.
  6. Keeping my sword down. Not raising my hands as I step through the centre, keep the sword down!
  7. Work on drawing opponents in.
  8. Work on watching the opponents movement and trying to use it to score.
  9. Waza. Suriage men. Tsuchiya Sensei showed us how to cut men suriage men, and kote suriage men at our last practice together. I usually raise my Shinai much to high, Sensei showed us the correct way to make the suriage and strike men in one movement.

And of course.

    10. Kakarigeiko. The only way to get sharp and really get kendo fit.