Vs nito

I'd like comments and feedback if anyone has any ideas!!

A long while ago Mr Hide Iba came to Dublin for visit. This was my first opportunity to practice with a Nito player having only once before encountered it (London cup 2009 I believe).

He said that just attacking once was no good against Nito and that you should try to attack with ni/san dan waza (2/3 step attacks). It was a good piece of advice but one I never got to put into practice as there are no Nito players in Ireland.

Fast forward to this years WKC and I find out one of my opponent is playing Nito, literally moments before my Shiai!

I had no clue what to do, and despite only loosing one ippon I really dont like watching the video.

My biggest weakness is not watching my opponent, not spotting their habits etc, I think I could have taken something from that shiai if I had paid more attention. Instead I tried the same attack again and again untill my opponent koped on and countered.

I'm sure the nerves got to me at the time (having just lost in spectacular fashion) but I really felt like I didn't attack with enough variety or conviction, at the time I was thinking "I have no idea how he will react to my seme or attacks" I didn't want to throw away ippon by taking a chance and I think that cost me too. (what I'm trying to say is, If I seme one way against jodan, I know "in theory" how he will react, I didnt know how a Niro player would react as was fearful of leaving my self open.)

So I'm going to find out. I'm going to seek out Nito players here in Japan and get some ideas!


Advice from Mr Matsumoto (Gohongi Kendon club)

I met me Matsumoto by chance at my local elementary schools Kendo practice, we had two jigeiko and he gave me some tips on how Nito players will react.

He repeated that attacking in steps was best, 2-3 stage attacks to draw the Nito player into blocking with both of his swords.

Using the tsuikomi block (block to your right side that covers men kote and do) leaves you wide open. Raising your hands in general is a bad idea as he can cut you off with the short sword or simply strike your do.

Example three stage attack. Opponent is holding short sword in his right hand, long in his left.

Stepping forwards /threaten/attack to the centre/tsuki, this will draw the short sword into the centre, with your next step, seme high/attack his men, opponent will bring the long sword over his men to protect it.

His kamae is now very narrow, and both swords have been used to block, his left side is now open for gyaku dou.

So to summarize,

Seme tsuki, threaten men, gyaku do!


Ok, so that's a very basic example, but I hope it illustrates both; what he was trying to show me, the method of attacking in stage against Nito!

It was nice to meet Mr Matsumoto even though we didn't have alot of time to talk, but hopefully will again after the summer break.

I'll continue to try find out more about Nito, and to find some opponent to practice against!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted! But I've really just not doing any/much kendo!

Plain lazy :(