Tsuka (and Tsukagawa)

In Ireland I usually preferred a medium to thick "tsuka", shinai handle. The first 2 shinai I bought here in Japan last year were from Eiko-budogu (one of which is still going, barely..) they have a pretty standard sized grip, I used them for around 6 months before one broke, I asked a Sensei to help me find a new shinai, and he had two ready for me within two days! These came from Eiko-budogu with whom he has some kind of relationship.

These shinai also had a thin grip (slightly less than standard I believe) they didnt last as long as the more expensive ones from Eiko but they were cheap so I continued to use them. Now I almost prefer a thinner grip on my shinai, I feel like it gives more control, moves in your hands better and helps me to keepa  lighter grip.

But, I see so many people using thick grips, as well as shorter leather fittings, I know I like a shorter grip, If I use a 39, and push my right hand to the end of the grip, my shoulders end up unbalanced, and I feel awkward.
I usually have my right finger about an inch away from the tsuba which just feels more natural.
In Europe I always had people saying, "push your hand up!" but I think that's wrong, kendo should be comfortable, everyone is different too.

I now usually ask for a size 38 tsukagawa (leather handle) on my shinai, and this helps alot, I also go for a slightly thin grip, I try to get a well balanced shinai too, but my luck is always terrible! haha!
I buy a shinai thinking, this is great! but someone always say's "Mine is lighter!"

If anyone feels like commenting on what you like, please do!

Also, one intersting point. Shinai are usualy not weighed at Japanese Shiai, so, many people use shinai that are below the "minimum" 510 gram weight. Im not joking, one of my Sensei uses a ladies size 39 in shiai.