Miyako Kendo-gu Tokuren Keikogi - one year on!

Well, I just realised that ive had this keikogi for just more than one year! So I decided to give it a RE-Review!

I bought this keikogi during the tail end of summer last year and used it up to mid December (I did use it occasionally during winter, and it was prefect, a little cold while waiting for Sensei, but great for keeping extra extra cool)

So, good points.

  1. Extremely light, making it great for traveling around. 
  2. Extremely quick drying (comes out of the machine 95% dry)
  3. Extremely comfortable. It really feels good wearing this in keiko!
  4. Looks great, the color and pattern are fantastic, and the keikogi hasnt faded at all (plus it doesnt look like a cheap piece of rubber like some other summer keikogi)
Bad points

I really dont have lot to say on the negative, but
  1. Smell! For some reason, this keiko stinks after I use it! I usually hang my cotton dogi out in the wind on a kimono hanger (keeps the arms extended) and they loose a bit of stink while drying. But for some reason this keiko retains the funk! It might be just my stinky pits, but I usually throw it in a cold water only wash (in a washing net) after each keiko. 
Over all I am extremely happy with this keikogi, it is alot of money some might say for a non cotton/aizome gi, but I really think it is worth the cash. Im sure I would have fainted during some of the hotter days here if it wasnt for this keikogi!