Holy stinking kendo gloves Batman. Kote repairs

I've decided that the first thing I'll spend money on next month is getting my nice kote repalmed (left only).

These kote took a severe beating last summer when I only had two pairs. They just wouldn't dry on time! I had them patched a few times, I even had to get a patch over a patch, eventually the leather ripped near the base of the thumb, between the thumb and index finger and at the pinkie, so, I put them to rest! The patches on the centre of the palm have made gripping the shinai just too awkward, so I haven't used them in quite a while. They are my favorite kote though, so I'll splash the cash and gry them sorted this month.

I've included a photo of the much repaired palm for your ammusement!

I was recently told that the common hole that develops on the thumb of the right kote is actually a good sign of correct tenouchi.... That's from a sempai so, maybe pinch of salt. Do go out and try make a hole appear there!

One thing that is bothering me though is that the left kote of my Tokuren Keishi-Gata kote is starting to rip around the pinkie finger. This can also been seen on the older pair that need the repalm. I'll get it patched with (hopefully) some super light leather.

I want to ask if anyone has had this happen before, and if it is down to anything in specific, squeezing the left hand too much when striking, too strong of a grip??

Comments appreciated!

And of course, photos when the repairs are done!

4 patches! 2 holes, and one tear!

Initially a hole started where the Tsuka sits in the palm of the hand. The stitching on that patch (bottom centre of the photo) then ripped away from the  palm leather, and I had to get it patched, again! (largest patch on the right side)
Nice draft actually!
Another hole begins!



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