15th World Kendo Championship - Novara Italy

Every journey begins with a single step....

Thinking back to the day I started kendo my first instructions were to practice suri-ashi ("sliding feet" kendo footwork) up and down the hall with the other beginners until the rest arrived.

"Oh! And you'll need to take off your socks!"

That was my first instruction in kendo just over 4 years ago. I like to think that that was my first step on this journey, and that representing my country at the WKC is simply another step along the kendo journey in general

I have been extremely fortunate by having such great Sensei, Sempai friends and rivals along the way. Each has helped me in their own way.

I've had the fantastic love and support of my family! Essential for flights, extra bags, emergency money etc!

But most importation I've have a fantastic group of kendoka with me the whole way, even though we are apart this year I still know that the legendary Irish kendo team spirit will give me a sense of never having left!!

Stepping out my door in Meguro this morning I began another journey. A train to Narita, flight to Hong Kong and a flight to Milan.

15th World Kendo Championships! Let's go!!!

(I wrote this post in Narita airport on May 22 2012)