Question no 6

Explain about the three killing methods (Sansappo 三殺法)

In addition to beating your opponent to an attack, weakening the opponents attacking ability (desire to attack?) is one of the important techniques in Kendo.

1 竹刀を殺す kill the sword

Controlling with pressure (pressing), deflecting (nayasu?), striking, rolling and such techniques kill the opponents sword and prevent them from effectively handling their Shinai.

2 技を殺す kill the technique

Do not allow the opponent to execute their strongest attack/best technique (Tokui waza) beat them to attacks and contain constrict their techniques.

気を殺す kill the spirit

Overpower your opponent with will power, assertively stoping the opponents attempts to attack will cause him to lose his will to attack/fighting spirit.

No 6. 4 left! No7 is name the 5 kamae in kendo kata! Eassssy