Question no 5

Write about the three Maai and give a simple explanation of each.

Maai refers to the distance between you and your opponent, There three types as follows:

1 一足一刀の間合 one step one strike distance.

Kendos fundamental (basic) distance, a distance from which; with one step forwards you can strike your opponent; with one step back wards you can avoid your opponents strike.

2 近い間合 (近間) short/close distance (chika-ma)

You and your opponent are at a distance closer than one step one strike.
Both you and your opponents targets/strikes are in easy reach/can be easily reached.

3 遠い間合 遠間 (to-ma)

Both you and your opponent are at a distance more than one step one strike.
Neither of your attacks will reach at this distance.
Driving attacks? Big attacks? What is the meaning of 打ち込んで here?

Thats no 5 easy enough to translate. Again nit something j didn't know already but I am picking up lots of new words and plenty of extra grammar to come to grips with!

No 6 is about sansappo! Should be fun to translate!