Question no 4

Write no less than 5 points on the effects of Kirikaeshi.

In the learning of kendo, kirikaeshi is a fundamental basic learning learning method, it is essential in the coaching of beginners, and is also important for experienced persons to improve sword technique.
By practicing Kirikaeshi, the following effects can be expected:

1. Technique will become sharper and faster.

2. Cuts will become stronger

3. Correct breathing, the space between breaths will become longer.

4. Arm movement will become more relaxed/natural

5. Body will become nimble and able to move freely.

6. Shinai becomes easier to handle / able to use Shinai more efficiently

7. The lower body becomes solid, and the hole body cannot be unbalanced.

8. Regularly watch the movements of the opponent and become used to them.

9. Will come to understand cutting distance.

10. Grip becomes lighter (tenouchi becomes nimble/agile) cutting will become more skillful

Surprised nothing mentioned about hasuji!