Kamisu highschool Winter Gasshuku - Videos

Just a few videos from the Gasshuku, inspiring stuff for some maybe!

So this is the opening of the 3 day gasshuku. The highschool students were out in the morning doing some other stuff, and the junior high and elementary kids joined in in the afternoon. there are two very small kids on the left hand side, who are both 4 years old. 

So this was the 3rd type or kirikaeshi. First was with the motodachi receiving the cuts on the men. 3x rotations, next was normal kirikaeshi x3. 

Following that Hayashi Sensei had the motodachi hold the shinai out in front, he said to hold it at men height, but this student doesnt do exactly that the same result is achieved though. The idea is that the Kakarite HAS TO make a big swing, brining the left hand up and not just using the right arm and wrists to swing the shinai around. 

This could work for beginner students, and as a drill for adults back home too i think.
note how the motodachi moves his shinai, its a similar movement to kata 3.

renzoku men, motodachi stays in the middle, and kakarite has to cut men, go through quickly, turn, use ashisabaki to return to cutting distance and repeat, they did this for men, kote, and kote men. about 5 times for each. 
same as above.

there were about 10 motodachi (the Highschool students) with 5 people in lines waiting to face them, the motodachi practiced with the last person, who was always a 3rd year Junior highschool student. this ment they could practice properly.

not much, but I hope it gives some ideas/inspiration.