So, February 2nd 2012, in Ibaraki Budokan, Mito City. I will attempt sandan!!

Suzuki Sensei came to me recently with the information and I'm really looking forward to it!

I need to find out if the written test can be in completed in English, Suzuki Sensei is asking for me.

It'd be some job learning the answer in Japanese, but I think I could do it with the help of friends and some people here. To the best of my knowledge going a stock answer is perfectly acceptable in japan.

So. I need to get ready! Winter break is coming up, last keiko is on the 24th and I'm not sure when we start back.

I'll need to get working on kata everyday as well as at jikishinkan and in my other dojo's.
Most of the Sensei know now and have started pushing me a lot more in keiko with more uchikomi and kakarigeiko coming into it.

For the grading it's self I have to do
2x jigeiko
Tachi kata 1-7
(no kirikaeshi!)

It's pretty expensive however costing ¥10000 (€100 roughly) for the shinsa
And ¥12000 for successfully passing and registering.
That's just less thank €220

So. I'm going to enjoy my Christmas break. Let my feet relax a bit, and starting next year I'll e getting into shape for the WKC, first by grabbing the bull by both horns and passing sandan!

思いきり! with your full spirit!