Tokuren Keishi Gata kote

My new Kote arrive today, Tokuren Keishi Gata from Miayko Kendogu.

Very happy with them after one keiko. The fist is shaped a lot more than normal kote, and fits very well. The trim around the fist that keeps the tenouchi-gawa on is a bit stiff, but this will break in quickly (like my other kote from Miyako)

I'm very happy with them, I think in a month or two, when properly broken in they will be really great.

Tokuren Keishi-Gata Kote

Clockwise from top left.
5000 yen kote from Budogu Suzuki
Keishi-gata kote
Toru-Sempai's old kote
2.5 bu kote from Tozando



  1. These pics are missing. Would you please re post them?

  2. Hi anon, yeah they are missing. I'll reupload them.

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