Kendo words!

One advantage of Yokose ES. Two of the teachers do kendo! They can speak alright english and talk to me everyday.

Trying to pick up some new words by translating a kendo manual. it's not an exact science as my Japanese is rubbish. But I will hopefully pick up a few new words that the Sensei in my dojo are probably saying to me all the time.

Today I learned おこりばな, relating to debanna men.
From what they said in English and physical examples. I've guessed it to mean.

The moment the aite lifts his arms to cut. Or the beginning of a cut.

They said 打つ瞬間
打つ is utsu (men "uchi") to strike, to hit.

瞬間 shun kan means moment or instant

So it means the moment of cutting or the instant of cutting.

From their demonstrations relating to debanna men/kote, it is the beginning of aites men cut. The point in which your debanna wants to land.

As they lift for men, bang your men hits. As they raise for men the kote is gone.

I don't think it means a flinch, for example you make seme, aite lifts his hands slightly, pauses, and then hits men. that is a different word. Possibly just "saki" or opening.

If anyone has a better translation or better way to express this word, I woul be most grateful!

I get the gist of it, so mission accomplished for today!