Kata - 2

Last night I went to omigawa for kata practice.

This time with Kobayashi Sensei himself.

I was a little wound up so I found it hard to settle at first. I kept taking the lead as shidachi by mistake.

But, after a quick reminder and a moment to get my head together the rest of the lesson went ok. I did my best to do the things he told me the last time. Making sure that shidachi's counter cuts flowed in one motion.

He pointed out my mistakes but this time we did a lot more repetition rather than explanation.

Kata 3

The initial distance is closer than tip to tip.

Uchidachis parry (I must find the correct name of this waza) should take the centre away from shidachi. If shidachi were to walk forwards they would be impaled on your sword.

The movements should be done with the wrists. And it seemed as If the right hand was staying in the centre while the left hand was doing the work. Both hands should be loose and the wrists quick to do it right. it's not a harai or anything like that.

Kata 5.

The suriage should come to jodan and not swing back further.

Kata 6.

Uchidachi should be at a closer distance than tip to tip for the small kote.

For shidachi, the suriage should be made as the left foot steps and the cut on the right. The suriage doesn't need to be "wound up" by drawing the sword to the left before making the suriage. Just move the sword to the right, It should just be a sweep to the right using the shape of the bokken to deflect.

Kata 7. We went through this alot!

The initial tsuki

Uchidachi makes a tsuki turning the bokken slightly so the blade faces out to the right. like this \ with the hasuji being on the bottom.

Shidachi responds by pushing out his arms and turning the bokken so the blade faces to the left / (again blade on the bottom)Stepping back at the same time. While keeping the arms extended. There should be a moment of tension as you both retune to chudan.

Uchidachis shonogi and shidachis blade (not hasuji) should be touching.

This tsuki shouldn't be too high. It's not over the head. It's a tsuki.

Uchidachi makes the men strike. Shidachi does nuki do.

Steps in 1 2 3

1. Right foot slightly forward and diagonal. Lift the sword using the right hand so it is straight up and slightly to the left of centre.

2. Brin the left foot past the right, again moving diagonally. turning the foot so that the inside faces in the direction you are moving.

Cut do. Actually cut.

This has to be done quickly. Like kote men. Pan-pan

3. Bring the right foot forwards and sweep the kensen through the opponents body. Make eye contact as you go through. Then drop onto one knee. The sword should be held out to the right. The sword should be held so that it is level. With the blade facing to your rear.

Kobayashi said an absolute gem here.

I love to get the actually Japanese for it. But basically. The sword should be so flat that water would rest on it and not flow off either the edge or along the length.

Eye contact should be made as soon as you pass through. Uchidachis gaze should follow shidachi as he passes.

Shidachi makes zanshin with waki no kamae. Both turn to face each other. Shidachi squares the body and brings the bokken from waki through jodan and into chudan no kamae. Uchidahi pivots and takes jodan with the left foot forward and then chudan by drawing the left foot back.

Uchidachi takes a step back drawing shidachi to his feet.
Shidachi steps from the left foot to rise, the right foot goes through and you take regular chudan.

Both circle around to the centre don't cross your feet as that Would take you off balance.

As I digest the knowledge more I'll edit this.

Again Kobayashi Sensei showed endless patience. I struggled to understand his japanese. But I could follow his body moments fairly well. I look forward to the day I can communicate better with him!