wow! it has been quite a while!!
the heat has basicly been unbearable keeping me in an almost unconscious state for the alst few weeks.

With work returning from september 1st ive also had to readjust the body clock!!
Things are going well, School is fun, classes are still enjoyable. Got my car so Kamisu/hasaki/kashima and Choshi are now mine to explore!

Kendo is going well, ive been training alot with the JHS group, seriously hard keiko at the moment, lots of Oikomi geiko and "piggy in the middle" keiko! We are also doing quite a bit of chain attacks .

eg, Ai kote - men, mowari hikimen, with motodachi chasing and doing ai kote men, and hikimen. really really tough, cant get the hang of taiatari at all! these guys weigh probably 2/3rds? of me? and they just bounce me around!


Anyway, the most important thing is that

I have my first Shiai in japan coming up on teh 19th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its supposed to be pretty big, and it is on in Toride which is here

I cant wait for this as it will be a whole dojo trip! Kids and adults meeting at 6am and taking a bus!
I hope i get to practice my japanese and pick up some phrases!!

my goal is to just do well. an ippon would be a bonus, but ill take a decent performance and be happy with that!