Kentou Taikai and Keiko-Kai!

Today I heard about a taikai in my dojo. The Kentou taikai! its  the east Ibaraki Highschool Kendo taikai. With schools from Kamisu, Kashima, Hasaki being represented as well as other places that I dont know the names of!

It was an Individual Taikai, and I thought the level was quite high. there was not too much typical highschoolishness!! Towards the end some of the kendo was excellent, one or two of the boys were seriously strong and the girls we quite impressive too!
I didnt catch the names of the winning shcools, but in both men and womens one school took all the medals (different schools for men and women)

After the taikai there was a Keiko kai I had gone back home for my bogu earlier so I ran to get ready. I got dressed, met one or two of the sensei and went up to the dojo!
I got quite a few looks, but once people saw the Kamisu Kids said hello to me they didnt look so shocked!

I sat down to take out my bogu and was pretty astonished by the amount of people there. Probably around 100 people there students sensei and local people. there was a reat atmosphere!

I got ready and was immediately asked by a kid from Kamisu yonchu (no 4 JHS) We did about 10 mins keiko which i really enjoyed! the hang over wasnt effecting me too much!!
I was trying out lots of waza and getting some success.

By then a small que had formed for me which was pretty nice! there were plenty of Sensei there and I kind of wanted to do keiko with them, but I enjoyed my little que! I was lucky too, I was right next to the doors/windows so it was nice and cool!! maybe thats why there was a que?

In an hour i did about 8 or 9 keikos with students, it was really really good fun! I was really enjoying my self and trying to do nice kendo/encourage the kids etc. It was quite funny all the kids had big grins on their faces, I wonder what they were thinking?

My last keiko was against one of the older students, around 17 i think he was! Good kendo, nice solid kamae and good posture. I really enjoyed that keiko, we were both giving it everything!

After keiko was finished, the sensei called seiretsu, I went to go to the end of the line, but one of the Kamisu Sensei said no, I should go to the high side! I was a bit shocked to be honest. I sometimes sit there after the Childrens class but this was different, there were maybe 20-25 sensei and then hordes of students infront of me, I got a few funny looks and felt a little awkward/out of place. But sure when in rome!

All the people i did keiko with came to me at the end and said thanks I thanked them all and tried my best to mention something about our keiko!

one girl tried to fold my bogu, but not a chance! that would be too far!

Over all I had a great day, my hanger over is gone, I got to talk to the kids from the club as well as meet some of the other HS/university age people from Kamisu. I had a little bit more confidence with my Japanese after teh Enkai last night!

a few photos and a Video!