Reunion! Day 2!!


We slept for 3 hours, and woke up at 5 am. After much deliberation, it was decided that we would return to bed. so that we would be fresh for the days labours.....


We left the hostel at 11, feeling very refreshed and headed to Ueno to meet Nanami (dun dun dun)
Its been a long time since we saw each other last, last September actually.
We met her at 12, and went for some lunch in Ueno, we had some nice sushi (which was quite cheap) and I played the big man/sempai and paid for it (I was shocked at how cheap it was, I think they may have made a mistake!)
When we left the place, it was absolutely lashing, really hammering down! We found some umbrellas and made our way to the Tokyo Natural History Museum, we got pretty wet, but sure, its only rain!
We qued for around 40 mins, but it was well worth it, they had dinosaurs and some pretty cool displays of other animals and some cool science stuff, i would defiantly go back again!

Irish Dinosaur _ Murphi

Triceratops or トリケラトプス

T rex

grow up lee

We had a Whale of a time. bahahhahahhaha. yeah

Lee had to head home so we went back and got our stuff and said good bye in Tokyo station, we had another bromance hug and only cried a little bit! Was really good to see Lee in JAPAN! yeah! more keiko next time!!!

Nanami and myself walked around Nihombashi and the area near the station, eventually returning to the station for some dinner in the Daimaru Department store. We went to a fancy Tonkatsu restaurant and I had a nice pork dish (kind of like pork chops) while Nanami had a Katsudon. If im honest, I was well jealous of the Katsudon, it look delicious!

We went to a coffee shop in the basement of the station, which would put many Irish shopping centers to complete shame btw! We had a nice talk over some coffee and tea, I gave her her present, disney t-shirt and Flounder teddy from teh Dublin Disney store. It went well, so lets see what happens?

I saw her to Ueno, right to the platform, tried not to embarrass her too much! We said good bye, and hopefully we will see each other again soon!

I went back to Tokyo station, got my bag, and go right onto a bus that was waiting there, sometimes I can have such a goldilocks effect when it comes to timing! I got home and all by 10:30 on Wendesday night, washed my stinky dogi, chatted to Nanami on Skype and fell into bed around 12 pm exhausted. 

BUT, i stayed awake reading A Dance with Dragons for about 2 hours!! holy crap, its awesome, fuck you George RR Martin, seriously, get the F-ing finger out and write the next book you twat! 5 years??? come on!

I had a great two days, and again fell more in love with Tokyo, it really is an amazing city, so full of life and complete lunacy!