UPDATE! Finally!

OK! WOW, what a week!

I left Dublin on the 26th of June at 5am, what followed was one of the worst travelling experiences of my life! it was a long trip full of slight annoyances and long ques! I wont go into it, but it has left me very jetlagged!!

My first week in Tokyo was really nice, we had 4 days of very intensive training, from 9am - 7pm. We did class room practice aswell as company policy. And on the last day had to give a demo lesson in front of our new buddies and some company reps. I found the training to be really enjoyable, the big plus was that the group of around 12 people were all really nice, and we got on great from the start!

I did all my training for Junion High and High School, but now I will be teaching in two Elementary schools instead!!

So, my new home? Whats it like?

Ill be living in Kamisu city in Ibaraki prefecture. from what I have seen, its quite an industrial town, lots of factories and also a very large port. (one part of the city smells very sea-eeeyy). It looks quite nice, ill go out today and have a look around!

Near the city there is a really nice beach, which apparently has nice surfing conditions! The no1 team in Japanese football also play here! and there is a Shrine for the god of martial arts here too!

Its only 1.5 hours to Tokyo station by bus, and id say I could do it faster once I get my car!

For this week I am staying at the Anton Palace Hotel, its really really posh! and very very fancy! ill take photos!