I cycled to the beach today! Its far away. Around 40 mins I think, but that was ok!
The weather was great, not too sunny, but still very hot a nice breeze to keep me thinking I wasnt getting sunburned, and the water was nice and cool too!

The beach has these huge wind trubines all along it, and goes from Kamisu all the way down to Hasaki (right at the mouth of the Tone river, near Chiba Prefecture) I only stayed at the Kamisu end!

 This is the sea wall, there were massive waves breaking on the far side! The artwork along the wall is for another day trip!
 The sea wall going towards the beach. I thought those turbines were on the beach, but it was another good bit further away!
They were quite big!

The area behind the sea wall was nice enough to swim in, the rest the waves were far to high!
The beach as it stretches off into the distance!

Like I said the beach is HUGE, so I didnt venture too far, there might be better bathing areas further along, or even on one of the other beaches. This part was not so crowded today, but there were about 20 surfers out and about. There were a few life guards out too.