Summer holiday!! and update!

Since my last post, I have decided I do not like Natto. The taste isnt so bad, nor the smell, but the hot and humid conditions my bin is in leads to a very nasty smell when I get home from work! I have moved on to furikake and miso soup! a much safer option!!

I went to Japanese classes last Tuesday and ill go again tomorrow night! The lesson was pretty good! There were two others (working for interac aswell) and they were doing the same stuff I had been studying in school! So I was able to join in! With a bit of study I should catch up to their level!

Kendo has been good, dispite me only going twice a week! Ive started to get talking to more people and feel a little bit more comfortable. New people are always turning up so im still getting stared out of it!

I joined in with the junior highschool kids on Thursday, and we did some waza practice I really enjoyed it as I didnt have to fight 7dans!!

we did - 3x
kote-kote men
kote men-mowari hik men

After that there were 5 motodachi and we did Ippon Shobu! I did alright, didnt score any ippon, but didnt give away any cheaply either. They are only young too like 13-15/16 so its nothing to boast about! They had great technique and good fighting spirit, but compared to doing keiko with the adults it was just a speed test!!
The 5 motodachi must be the best ones in the area, and there is an Ibaraki JHS taikai coming up soon I think! I might try and go to it!

For my own kendo, the sensei told me I was making it too obvious when attacking and that he would help me with that! Its a combination of things I think! A lack of seme and sutemi from me, as well as general slowness by Japanese standards! Heat and sticky floor are the outside influences, and then of course there is the faults in my technique! I look forward to hearing what he has to point out and correct!

Im still trying to find another place to practice, and I think ill be ok to go to the local JHS, Kamisudaiyon (basicly Kamisu no 4) they are ranked in the top 8 in Ibraki and the practice is supposed to be very tough! Once i get my car there are one or two people ive met who have offered me keiko at their dojos!

As of wednesday the 20th! im off for a whole month! CRIKEY! I have one training day, and couple of "workdays" basicly on call, but other than that, i have the whole of august free, i dont really know what to do TBH!