Gyaku do!

Keiko was much better tonight!

I managed 5 tonight, and I won an Ippon Shobu!
This sensei was pushing me hard, and really kicking me around, but when we did Ippon shobu, he kept doing that block that leaves gyaku do open, I did ura harai and he did it again, then without thinking I did the same followed by a (please excuse me) a pretty decent Gyaku do, I say decent because he was pissed off!! He gave me the ippon, but he didnt look happy!
I fought against a young guy tonight too (younger than the rest, maybe than me?) and he kicked my ass, three katate tsuki and one amazing tsuki men! I hope I get to watch him more! Yamagata I think his name was?
He had amazing distance for men, without haveing the left leg kicking out behind him.
Over all it was much better than last week, and I was able to push myself more, I finished strong against the highest sensei and put as much as I could into my kirikaeshi on the end.

I was able to move my feet better, but next week ill have to go earlier and get warmed up propperly and make sure im not stopping to stretch during keiko