FIrst Keiko in Kamisu!

I went to the Budokan this evening, tis a propper Budokan mind! Kendo Dojo is on the first floor and is quite big! Enough room for around 10 pairs for jigeiko, and a separate area for I think Junior highschool? kids!

I went along for 7, which was the kids practice and I got to be Motodachi at the end. It was great! Loads of little kenshi running to practice with me! I just did Uchikomi with the small ones and a little light keiko with the bigger ones! Some of them would put me to shame!

After that there was a small break and then jigeiko from 8-8:45!
It was ok, but after the first Sensei I was really tired! I did 5 or maybe 6 and I did ok in spirit!
My hands kept comming up after men no matter how hard I tried and I was doing crab steps to go past people! Once I get used to the floor and the heat I think Ill be ok!
I would perfere to have more kihon practice, but I think I will have to go practice in a junior high school for that!

All in all, a great practice, really enjoyed it and I think I did enough to make myself welcome next time!




  1. It's great that You enjoy those trainings (the first one sounded great- and a bit hard).
    I hope that you'll learn Japanese soon; going back to Kendo, You told me to have fun while doing it! Good luck :) -T.P